• allie

    This is common sense to me. Parents can be so selfish sometimes! There is nothing bad about another person loving my child. God should always be the focus; parents and stepparents that are believers in Christ are commanded by God to love one another and honor one another above themselves. Blended families usually (not always) happen through some type of sin to begin with. Either having a child out of wedlock, divorce, or adultery. The problems that come with blended families are consequences of our fallen sinful behavior. Yes, Jesus does beautiful amazing things within these families because he loves his children. My family is an example of that. But we also need to realize that the issues and challenges we have as parents and stepparents (I am both) are a result of missing the mark for God’sdesign for marriage and family. Christians need to take responsibility for their own sin and be grateful for any joy they have since it is a gift from God.