Stepfamily living

stepfamily living

10 Survival Tips for Stepfamily Life
Many couples travel to the “foreign country” of stepfamily living with little or no preparation.

13 Ideas to Manage Holiday Step-Stress
The normal stress of the holidays is multiplied for stepfamilies.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
It’s unhealthy for a parent and child to align against a stepparent.

Choosing Love
A hidden gift of stepfamily living.

Having an ‘Ours’ Baby
Some things to consider before adding to your stepfamily.

How to Cook a Stepfamily
Whether you realize it or not, your stepfamily has likely assumed a specific integration style.

Is It Graduation Time?
Transitioning your stepfamily to the next level.

Misplaced Frustration
Why we often direct our anger at the wrong people.

Stepmother’s Day
Special family days highlight the differing bonds between biological parents, stepparents, and children.

Talking Blended
Do you call yourself a stepfamily or a blended family?