Staying Married

staying married

A Relationship Positioning System for Marriage
The Couple Checkup offers couples a checkup on the health of their marriage.

Getting Honest about the Death of a Marriage
If you haven’t dealt with your previous marriage, it’s never too late. Taking the time to heal may be the most important thing you do for your second marriage.

Placing Your Spouse in the Front Seat of Your Heart
Your children will benefit when you make a strong commitment to your new spouse.

Staying Close in Remarriage
Strong couples feel close to one another because they know what to do to make that happen.

Step-money: Getting to the Heart of the Matter
The challenge for many step-couples is deciding whether fair will be defined through the lens of pain or hope.

Take the Couple Checkup
Discover your relational strengths and identify areas where you can grow.

The Challenge of Re-Sex
Sex is an important part of marriage, but a healthy sexual relationship doesn’t necessarily result in a healthy marriage.

The Fun Factor
A regular dose of fun, relaxing time together is a key part of a dynamic, fulfilling relationship.

They Thought Marriage Would Be Easy
Kyle and Jamie Soucie had been married before. This time, they figured, things would work out “happily ever after.”