Multiple home realities

multiple home realities

13 Tips for Divorced Parents
When you and your ex-spouse fight, it’s your children who suffer.

9 Ways to Help Children Adjust to Two Homes
If they work together, divorced parents can help their children adjust to differences between homes.

Between Home Boundaries
Dealing with a meddling ex-spouse.

Dealing with a Destructive Ex-Spouse
One of the most menacing dynamics attacking the health of a stepfamily is a destructive parent in the other home.

Dreading that Six Week Summer Visitation
These guidelines can help you maximize the rewards in your summer schedule while minimizing the stress.

Helping Stepchildren Cope with Dual Citizenship
Divorced parents who fight with each other are trampling on their most prized possession—their children who have to live in both homes

Holiday Power Plays
How stepfamilies can curb conflict and tension during the Christmas season.

Part time Parenting
It’s easy to feel paralyzed when you don’t see your children as often as you’d like.

Resurrected Pain
Be prepared to face loss as you celebrate the holidays.

Stepfather, What Do Your Kids Need?
You cannot afford to be a vanishing father to your biological children.

Stepmom to Stepmom
Sharing experiences of Mother’s Day.

The Loyalty Tug of War
Stepchildren often feel caught between their biological parents.

The Perplexes of the Exes
Learning to put away childishness when dealing with a previous spouse.

When Your Childrens Other Home Is Leading Them Away From Christ
Four suggestions for minimizing ungodly influence on the life of your child.

Where’s Mom?
It hurts to watch a child suffer rejection from an uninvolved parent.