Developing a relationship with stepchildren

6 Tips for Building Relationships with Your Stepchildren
Improving your relationship is a challenge, so be intentional.

A Matter of Perspective
The difference between premarried hope and stepfamily reality.

Becoming Friends and Family
Issues for second-half stepfamilies to consider.

Bridge Building Strengthening Relationships with Stepchildren
Finding an effective stepparent role is a challenge.

Do You Feel Like an Outsider With Your Stepchildren
Practical suggestions for stepmoms.

How Can I As a Stepparent Develop and Maintain Healthy Relationships with my Stepchildren
Though stepfamilies may look like traditional nuclear families on the outside, the dynamics on the inside are very different.

How to Build a Relationship With Your Stepchild
With healthy expectations and a specific strategy to build a relationship, a satisfying bond can be nurtured.

Second-Half Stepfamilies

The Attachment Difference
Stepparents must develop a secure bond with their stepchildren.

The Blame Game
The first two years of stepparent-stepchild relationships tend to be tense and stressful for everyone.

The Dance of Want
The difficulty of seeking the respect and acceptance of a stepchild.

When the Children Feel Alienated
What to do when remarriage destabilizes a child’s world.